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Viva Virtuoso YouTube Picks of the Month November

With the second episode of Viva Virtuoso under our belts, it’s safe to say that we’re all enjoying the experience of creating a variety show web series. Sure, none of us were entirely clear on the hours and hours of work producing the show would involve until we were neck deep in the process. But that hasn’t scared us away. If anything, it has only made us appreciate other musical content that various creators offer up online – and free of charge.

Today, we’re recommending a few more of our favorite YouTube channels, perhaps a little more grateful for the effort put into them than we were before. Though Viva Virtuoso’s production team is in no way affiliated with these channels, we invite you to follow them and on a regular basis. Well worth your time, if you’re into classical masterpieces and all that jazz.

While you’re at it, we wouldn’t mind if you took a moment to subscribe to the official Viva Virtuoso channel either.

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Like with many of the channels we love and follow, we were surprised to find that this very well-maintained channel belonging to the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, with marvelous musical content uploaded weekly, has garnered just 5,900 subscribers. The only possible explanation that occurred to us is that people simply haven’t heard of it enough.

A playlist on this channel is what lead us here in the first place – the rest is what has kept us there. Inside Chamber Music with Bruce Adolphe is a playlist by the CMS that has been a long-standing favorite of Viva Virtuoso host and creator Warren Peterson for a while now. We took him up on his recommendation and we now pass it on to you.

London Symphony Orchestra

While the LSO’s official YouTube channel has no (great) shortage of subscribers, things have been particularly groovy on their channel in the past couple of months. The London Symphony Orchestra, one of the highest profile orchestras in the world, has recently been “rattled” by several changes that classical aficionados seem to be reveling in.

In September of this year, Sir Simon Rattle left the Berlin Phil after over a decade, and took up what must be another one of the most demanding roles in the business as Music Director of the LSO. And the U.K.’s famed national orchestra seems to be making a huge, wonderful deal about it. Not only has the LSO gone through a whole rebranding project for the 21st century, but they’ve dubbed this period of change as “This is Rattle,” singing in – or rather playing in – a new era. If you’re as hooked as we are, follow the hashtag #thisisrattle on Twitter for fun.

Chick Corea

Seriously, how does the YouTube channel of one of the most talented pianists and composers of our time have only 32,000 subscribers? This, like with many other phenomenal but under-subscribed artist channels, must be rectified. Immediately. Feel free to begin by bingeing on either Corea’s old stuff, his newer videos or backstage commentary from Chick and fellow musicians.