Viva Virtuoso YouTube Picks of the Month November

With the second episode of Viva Virtuoso under our belts, it’s safe to say that we’re all enjoying the experience of creating a variety show web series. Sure, none of us were entirely clear on the hours and hours of work producing the show would involve until we were neck deep in the process. But that hasn’t scared us away. If anything, it has only made us appreciate other musical content that various creators offer up online – and free of charge.

Today, we’re recommending a few more of our favorite YouTube channels, perhaps a little more grateful for the effort put into them than we were before. Though Viva Virtuoso’s production team is in no way affiliated with these channels, we invite you to follow them and on a regular basis. Well worth your time, if you’re into classical masterpieces and all that jazz.


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Viva Virtuoso YouTube Musical Picks of the Month October

Some 10,000 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every month. Obviously, the majority of that content isn’t original content created by the uploaders. Long story short – no one will ever be able to watch all of it and there’s hours of digging to be done to find genuine, interesting content.

One of the reasons that Viva Virtuoso was created on YouTube and for the platform’s global audience is that most of us on the creative team appreciate the mindboggling access to new, original content that YouTube has been offering us as viewers and listeners over the past decade. The platform is accessible to viewers and creators alike, and we’ve found plenty of our own new and old musical favorites on YouTube over the past several years. (more…)

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