About Viva Virtuoso

Viva Virtuoso is a concept that grew straight out of Warren Peterson’s living room and his time spent on stage. Possibly the most unique performer of the 21st century, Warren has a habit of gathering like-minded friends, then sits at his piano to mash and blend great composers with our favorite 20th century crooners to weave nostalgic performances in intimate settings of the variety that have all but disappeared today. An evening with Warren Peterson is an evening where memories are made.

Accepted into Julliard at the age of 9, Warren was a pretty cool cat for an ankle-biter. He spent the next 7 years heads-down developing his classical chops, performing, claiming prizes and winning top competitions across the country. By his late teens, he was firmly on the path traveled by famous concert pianists that preceded him. But his heart just wasn’t in it anymore. He knew just playing all the notes right is not what makes a tune perfect, but the missing ingredients eluded him.

Warren went on to build a successful career in the booming IT industry instead and kept his passion for another day. Traveling the world, meeting other working musicians, and occasionally playing a small one-man show gig for his inner circles, he kept his fingers nimble and the musical fire alive. Through learning different styles, developing improvisational skills and experiencing the ups and downs of life the pieces of the puzzle finally came together.

Now he’s been asked to share it all with a wider audience, so he’s stepping up to the baby grand, rolling up his sleeves, and about to show you what he’s been up to all these years.